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Peering with AS203314 (Direct)

With Internet Exchange

Normally, we would establish a session with the Internet Exchange's route server, accept peer routes and send our routes via the open peering policy.

Of course, you can follow these steps with us to establish a private peering session.

Step 1

Go to our peeringdb page for get some information.

Plain text:

Organization: Hats Network Inc.

Network Status URL:
Looking Glass URL:

ASN: 203314

IPv4 Prefix Limit: 10
IPv6 Prefix Limit: 1000

Traffic Levels: 1~5 Gbps
Traffic Ratios: Mostly Inbound

Step 2

We recommend that you use a Multi-Protocol Session to connect with us. This is a BIRD Multi-Protocol example config:

protocol bgp <name> {
  source address <your IX IP>;
  local as <your ASN>;
  neighbor <AS203314 IX IP> as 203314;
  ipv4 {
    next hop self;
    extended next hop on; # if source address ~ ipv6
  ipv6 {
    next hop self;

Step 3

Fill in this request form and wait patiently for our reply.

Via Layer 2/3 Tunnel

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