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Peering with AS203314

Peering Policy

We has an open peering policy. We will peer with any network that meets the following requirements:

  • Have a valid ASN
  • Announcing an IPv4 (/24) or IPv6 (/48) prefix
  • Available at PeeringDB and RIR Whois Database
  • With us in the common IXP or Data Center

We recommend exchanging routes at IX Route Server.

Step 1

First, you can get all the information you need for the peer here

Plain text, FYI:

Organization: Hats Network Inc.
Long Name: Hats Next-Generation Network

Network Status URL:
Looking Glass URL:

ASN: 203314

IPv4 Prefix Limit: 100
IPv6 Prefix Limit: 2000

Traffic Levels: 5~10 Gbps
Traffic Ratios: Mostly Inbound

Protocols Supported: IPv4, IPv6 (Preferred)

Step 2

Establish a peer session with us.

We recommend Multi-Protocol Session with IPv6.

Step 3

Please contact us to finalize the peering process.

Via Layer 2/3 Tunnel

To learn more about peering with AS203314 via Layer 2/3 Tunnel, please visit this page.

CC BY-SA 4.0 license used