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AS203314 BGP Community

Hats Network (AS203314) has established a comprehensive BGP community structure to help our users manage their routing policies effectively.
This document outlines the well-known BGP communities and specific BGP communities implemented by Hats Network.

Well-known BGP Communities

Well-known BGP communities are standardized values that control routing behaviors across BGP networks. They have universally accepted meanings and are recognized by all BGP routers, regardless of their network or AS. For example, NO_EXPORT_ANY (RFC 1997) prevents a route from being exported from the local AS, while BLACKHOLE_POP blackholes traffic for a specific route at a particular PoP.

65281NO_EXPORT_ANYRoute will not be exported from Hats Network (AS203314)
65282NO_EXPORT_POPRoute will not be exported from this PoP
65283No_EXPORT_REGIONRoute will not be exported from this Region
666BLACKHOLE_POPRoute will be blackhole at this PoP (RTD_BLACKHOLE)

Specific BGP Communities

Specific BGP communities are custom values unique to a network or AS, used to convey routing policies and actions tailored to the network's needs. These communities can control route propagation, influence path selection, or manage traffic engineering. The interpretation of specific BGP communities depends on the agreement between network operators and their BGP peers or customers.

Note: Hats Network implements large BGP communities.

Community From System

(203314, 110, 10)Route learned from Upstream
(203314, 110, 20)Route learned from Downstream
(203314, 110, 30)Route learned from Peering
(203314, 110, 110)Route originated within Hats Network
(203314, 120, PoP Code)Route learned at PoP Code PoP location
(203314, 130, Region Code)Route learned within Region Code geographic region

Community From User

(203314, 0, 666)Does not send this route to this PoP (Same as (65535, 65281))
(203314, 1, 0)Does not send this route to our Upstream
(203314, 1, 1)Does not send this route to our Peering
(203314, 1, 2)Does not send this route to our Downstream
(203314, 201, Region Code)Does not send this route to Region Code
(203314, 202, PoP Code)Does not send this route to PoP Code
(203314, 220, 1)Route should be prepend 1x outside Hats Network
(203314, 220, 2)Route should be prepend 2x outside Hats Network
(203314, 220, 3)Route should be prepend 3x outside Hats Network
(203314, 220, 4)Route should be prepend 4x outside Hats Network
(203314, 220, 5)Route should be prepend 5x outside Hats Network

Region & PoP

For more information on the various regions and points of presence (PoPs) utilized by Hats Network, please refer to our About page.

CC BY-SA 4.0 license used